Coming Soon: The ROOTED Community Fund

FEBRUARY 18, 2021

The ROOTED Community Fund’s (RCF) purpose is to invest in local community initiatives ranging from school programs to art-based workshops to food programs and more through direct funding. We believe empowering the youth in our community plants a seed which provides self-confidence, responsibility, and growth.                                          

The intent is to further the development of young members of the local community through direct funding into education, arts, food distribution and more. Every dollar from the funding sources will go directly to the members of the local community through tools, resources, planning and leadership. We aim to contribute funds to at least two programs per year.

Thank you for your support in advance for the initiative and stay tuned for ways to get involved!





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We are a nonprofit organization based in Nashville. Our mission is to educate and empower young girls and women to utilize their creative talents in unique ways to enhance creativity; and, to foster balanced living, personal growth and happiness. We are interested in learning more about the foundation.

Creative Girls Rock®️ June 21, 2021

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