Nike Air Max 1/97 VF SW 'Sean Wotherspoon'

Nike Air Max Day is an extremely special day and we want to be able to celebrate with our clients and followers. With that said, we are excited to announce the release of the Nike Air Max 1/97 VF SW 'Sean Wotherspoon' on Monday, March 26th at 11am CST in-store only at ROOTED. 

Being able to sell a shoe as coveted as the 'Wotherspoon' Air Max 1/97 means a lot to us, to our city but most importantly to you. We want to continue to sell our shoes this way so we are relying on you, our clients, to help us keep this going. 

Safety is paramount and our top priority. To ensure a fun and safe release, we ask that you please read the following release information details below.

  • This release is first come, first served.
  • One pair per person, no exceptions. This includes going back through the line - this is not allowed.
  • No tents, grills, air mattresses, cots, hammocks or anything resembling camping or sleeping equipment. Camping chairs are allowed.
  • An unattended chair does not hold your place in line.
  • At the discretion of other line patrons, leaving the line could result in forfeiture of position in line. 
  • Any hostility, threats of violence, or violent acts will result in notification of local authorities. 
  • Trash cans will be onsite, please dispose of waste and trash. Please keep your areas clean and tidy - this includes cigarette butts, candy wrappers and bottle tops.
  • Please police yourselves and be respectful of others in line, our residential neighbors and other local businesses. 
  • Have fun and STAY ROOTED.



This is really agreat article on the air max tn shoes…


adel May 21, 2021
This is really agreat article on the air max tn shoes…


adel May 21, 2021

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Choosegoomb September 14, 2020

I need those beauties. Lol

Chey March 26, 2018

Just curious why you don’t have a raffle? They seem to best/most fair way of selling the sneakers. Having people lineup has led to some many issues in my experience. Also, saying that it’s up to the people in line to police themselves seems sketchy. If you want to let people lineup, you should hire security to maintain order. Not trying to hate or anything, just asking the question and genuinely curious of the rationale.

Aric March 25, 2018

I came down from Ontario to get a few pairs. I have all 19 of my cousins with me. We have been sitting in line since Tuesday. #ThumbsUp #CookSeason

SneakerTroll March 25, 2018

Us men’s 11

Sam king March 23, 2018

No there will not. The patrons are in charge of policing the line themselves.

ROOTED March 22, 2018

Is there anyway to keep all the out-of-towners from coming and buying alot just to resell? I think theyll be alot of people from other states coming with their family to buy as many as they can. Not fair for all the locals lol

Sanders March 21, 2018

Will their be any of your co-workers watching to check in see if anybody tryna skip the line

Troy March 21, 2018

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