Re-Introducing: Acne Studios

Based In Stockholm, Acne Studios Continues To Push The Envelope On Functional Designer Wear. With Its Attention To Detail, Acne Is A Perfect Fit For Our Curated Selections At ROOTED. While Known For Their Assortment Of Denim, They Bring New Design & Fittings To All Different Categories. With Much Excitement, We Re-Introduce To You Acne Studios.


"I like Acne because they seem to exile themselves from other brands without trying. I think what Acne does well is that they give customers an opportunity to buy luxury, well-crafted products without having to subscribe to any specific sub-genres of fashion. Acne is ahead of the curve in a lot of ways. They started off as a publication years before having any relation to fashion in a production sense. We’re now in a time where businesses and creative houses tend to have their hands in many different avenues of pop culture but I think Acne was one of those to do it not only first, but also sustainably." Ed Phillips, Senior Sales Associate.