ROOTED First Come, First Served

First come, first served releases are a major part of what makes this culture, this industry and the ROOTED community so special. Being able to release shoes in this way has so many benefits for us as a brand but also for our local community and our clients. We want to continue to release products in this way but in order for this to continue to work, we need your support. 
First come, first served releases mean a lot to us, to our city but most importantly to you. We want to continue to sell our shoes this way so we are relying on you, our clients, to help us keep this going. 

Safety is paramount and our top priority. To ensure a fun and safe release, we ask that you please read the following release information details below.

  • One pair per person, no exceptions. This includes going back through the line - this is not allowed.
  • No tents, grills, air mattresses, cots, hammocks or anything resembling camping or sleeping equipment. Camping chairs are allowed.
  • An unattended chair does not hold your place in line and is subject to removal by our staff.
  • Holding places for other people is not allowed.
  • At the discretion of other line patrons, leaving the line could result in forfeiture of position in line. 
  • Any hostility, threats of violence, or violent acts will result in notification of local authorities. 
  • Trash cans will be onsite, please dispose of waste and trash. Please keep your areas clean and tidy - this includes cigarette butts, candy wrappers and bottle tops.
  • Cutting in line is strictly prohibited and you could be removed from the line and forfeit any further opportunity at future releases. 
  • Please police yourselves and be respectful of others in line, our residential neighbors and other local businesses. 
  • Have fun and stay ROOTED!

Thank you for your continued support of what we are doing and good luck on securing your next pair!

The ROOTED Family


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