Martine Rose Spring Summer '24

"British-Jamaican designer, Martine Rose, established her eponymous label in 2007 with a collection centered around shirting. Since then, the brand has evolved into somewhat of a sub-cultural phenomenon presenting collections that feature vast and unique product lines. Along with groundbreaking design and effortless trend setting, collaborations with Nike, Stussy, and more have brought the brand to center stage.

Martine Rose makes fashion personal - individualized if you will. This is achieved by what I’d like to think of as intentional randomness displayed in the brands product design and the styling of these products shown in her runway shows. What I gather from these shows is that there’s no “correct” way to style the clothes, so in turn there’s no wrong way. The unconventionality of the designers namesake label allows room for creativity, something I personally feel other brands lack.

This collection by Martine Rose reminded me of being a kid, and that took my mind straight to the library. I wanted to try and convey that same sense of familiarity to others by reimagining a memory that we all may have with a counterpart - whether that’s a brother, sister, or friend. It was also important for me to create a juxtaposition between Tyler and Anthony’s outfits in an attempt to encapsulate the never ending interpretations of Rose’s clothes. Martine Rose is for anyone and everyone and I hope that was shown in this editorial." Ed Phillips, Senior Sales Associate