Maison Margiela Spring Summer '24

"The first thing that comes to mind when speaking about Margiela is consistency. Whether we’re looking at the brands extensive history, or just season by season, there’s a high level of cohesion in play. I was actually asked today about a brand that I always find myself coming back to and Margiela was the first that came to mind. This is because there’s essentially no holes in their product offerings. Margiela’s one of those brands that you can effortlessly dress head to toe in. It’s common for a labels footwear to be stronger than their outerwear, or their outerwear to be stronger than their trousers, but to me, Margiela is even keeled across the board." - Ed Phillips, Senior Sales Associate 
"Maison Margiela disrupts the fashion community season after season. Known for its sartorial excellence and unorthodox design techniques, constantly challenging the social and fashion norms leaving classic tailored garments raw and un-hemmed." - Ray Ralph, ROOTED Buyer