Marni Spring Summer 2024

Though Marni’s history dates back to 1994, the brand caught major mainstream buzz circa 2016 following the appointment of current creative director Francesco Risso. Marni has become a key player in contemporary high fashion mainly via their use of outlandish patterns, colors, and textures. Debuted in their Fall 2019 menswear collection, the “Fuzzy Wuzzy” sweater took pop culture by storm and ultimately helped introduce the brand to a new set of consumers. While many know Marni for the notorious sweater design, their product variation extends beyond. You can count on Marni’s aesthetics to be ever changing, but always remain playful. A portion of Marni’s Spring/Summer collection is available to view and shop in store now.

"I feel like Marni brought a timely pop of color to high fashion; both literally and figuratively. Modern fashion trends can often be so serious and dull, but the resurgence of Marni under Risso opened the flood gates for a sense of playful experimentalism for both designers and consumers." Ed Phillips, ROOTED Senior Sales Associate. 

Marni seamlessly merges the allure of yachting with the electric atmosphere of the most iconic clubs in every major city worldwide. Drawing from the timeless elegance of classic tailoring and the opulence of luxurious lifestyles, Marni transcends the boundaries between merely collecting art and actively creating it. Each creation exhibits vibrancy and prestige, captivating athletes, pop stars, and fashionistas alike season after season with its irresistible allure." Ray Ralph, ROOTED Buyer.