Neighborhood's Latest Collection

Shinsuke Takizawa’s NEIGHBORHOOD is revered as one of the pioneers of early Japanese streetwear. Like many of the brands counterparts, NEIGHBORHOOD draws influence from cultures away from home. The brand has roots in American subculture, British new wave punk rock, and motorcycle lifestyle. The old world inspiration is noticeable in the design of their clothing as many items feature vintage elements such as distressing. While NEIGHBORHOOD’s clothing takes the main stage, their collection of oddities contribute immensely to their brand identity.
“I enjoy Neighborhood because it is what it is. It can fall into many sub-genres and not lose its identity. They are what most brands aspire to be. Some people may call it streetwear, others menswear. I can pair it with Visvim, you can pair it with Stussy, no matter how we choose to pair it, it’s still Neighborhood at the end of the day.The projects they collaborate on feels like it comes from a place of passion and respect. Whether I know the other partner or not, I am 100% doing a deep dive on who or what they are. Not once have I been disappointed on what I’ve learned from them. It is one of those brands I am constantly learning from. There’s more to life that than clothes, and Neighborhood really explains that.”
ROOTED Buyer, Ray Ralph